JJOBI Toy Sterilization Box

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JJOBI Toy Sterilization Box is a storage box with eco-friendly UV LED sterilization technology for keeping toys free of germs. The innovative system allows intuitive handling, as the lid turns on automatically without requiring an extra operation. Putting toys in the box and closing the lid are sufficient to start the sterilization process immediately. JJOBI Toy Sterilization Box eliminates 99.9% of germs on toys and other baby products. The wooden legs and softly curved surface design help protect both children against injuries and the house against damages.

Made In Korea

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Color Grey

Size / Dimensions:

400mm in Width, 400mm in Depth, 434mm in Height



Storage Space:

50 liters


DC 9V / 14A

Power Consumption:


Country of Origin:

Made in Korea

Every purchase of JJOBI Box comes with 1-year standard warranty coverage for manufacturing defects. This includes the breakdown of device, the malfunction of the UV LED that is located at top cover.

The 1-year warranty does not cover any aesthetic damage to device (e.g. accidental drawing on product), damages due to misuse of device (e.g. heavy impact on device, self pouring of liquid into electrical component of devices), as well as the loss of parts or device.

1. How do I use the JJOBI Sterilization Box?

Firstly, wipe off any visible contaminants (e.g. food remains) on the toys. Next, put toys into the JJOBI Sterilization Box for thorough sterilization.

JJOBI Sterilization Box focuses on eliminating Vibrio Bacteria, E. coli, bacteria, and the Covid-19 Virus which are harmful to children.

JJOBI Sterilization Box is recognized by international authorized institutions, and it has been certified 99.9%
sterilization test by SGS and KCL.

2. If the JJOBI Sterilization Box is filled with toys, can the UV LED Light at the lid sterilize all the toys inside, even if they are at the bottom of the box?

Yes, all overlapping toys within the box can be sterilized even if the UV LED is situated at the lid.

The JJOBI Sterilization Box sterilizes its content using UVC Wavelength (275nm) and ultraviolet wavelengths can
act in the entire JJOBI Sterilization Box without reflection when it’s closed. This increases the sterilization power in an enclosed space. Hence, toys inside the box are 99.9% sterilized regardless of their position within the box.

However, do note that the sterilization effect may be reduced if the toys are excessively loaded or stacked too tightly together. If this happens, sterilize once and bring up the toys located at the bottom to sterilize once more to achieve a great effect.

3. How do I clean the JJOBI Sterilization Box?

When cleaning the JJOBI Sterilization Box, disconnect the power cable first and wipe the interior and exterior of the box with a soft and dry cloth. Should there be any dirt, do wipe it off with a wet wipe.

Do take note to not use a wet cloth on the lid of the JJOBI Sterilization Box as the lid is densely packed with electronic components.

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Clinically proven to remove 99.9% of germs & viruses on toys

The JJOBI BOX is a toy storage box with UV LED eco-friendly sterilization technology for keeping toys free of germs n 60 minutes. It uses the patented VioLEDS sterilization technology, which is clinically proven to remove 99.9% of germs & viruses on toys. Heat, smell, sound, mercury or ozone will not be exluded during the sterilization process. This is also the same disinfection technology used to disinfect spacesuits at the NASA Space station.

Store items of different sizes & weight

The JJOBI BOX has a large storage capacity and can store up to 50 litres of items. You can use the JJOBI Box to store different types of toys - plastic, wooden, battery-operated, or plush toys! When toys are put into the box, simply close the lid to start the sterilization process. It is very easy to operate the JJOBI BOX. The sterilization cycle will end after 60 minutes, and this product can double up as a storage box. A must-have toy sterilizer storage for busy parents!

Child-Friendly Design

The design of JJOBI Box adopts a friendly appearance that is further emphasised by the colour scheme in a soft pastel tone. The wooden legs and soft curved surface design of the JJOBI Box help protect both children against injuries and also prevent any scratches or damages on walls or floorings. To add, the height and size of the box will match any house interior seamlessly.