Every purchase of STAR Water Purifier comes with 1-year standard warranty coverage. For greater peace of mind, we recommend our customers to add FuturCare along with their purchase of STAR Water Purifier.

Enjoy three years of peace of mind when you purchase FuturCare for STAR Water Purifier

Extended Warranty CoverageExtended Warranty Coverage

Minimal Device DowntimeMinimal Device Downtime

Complimentary Replacement of Flexible Water Tubing YearlyComplimentary Replacement of Flexible Water Tubing Yearly

FuturCare is an enhanced warranty coverage, which provides you with an extended warranty period of up to 3 years of all functional defects of the product such as the circuit board, semiconductor, heater, potential leakages, machine’s touch panel, and any wear and tear of spare parts.

With FuturCare, if your device is required to be sent to the servicing centre, we will provide you with a temporary replacement set ensuring no downtime for your usage. Once yearly, customers under the FuturCare warranty can opt to replace the flexible water tubing at no fee. This helps to uphold the hygiene level of the system, ensuring your family gets high quality purified water always.