ECOPURE Undersink Water Purifier Replacement Filter

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ECOPURE Undersink Water Purifier features a 4-filter system, delivering thorough 7-stage water filtration. Each set of filters should be replaced after 12 months or when 4,800 liters have been dispensed, ensuring continued effectiveness.

Changing the filters is a breeze - simply lift them slightly, turn anticlockwise to remove the old filters, then insert the new filters.

*Note: Do replace the filters as per the stipulated change cycle. When a filter is used longer than its intended lifespan, it can reduce and compromise the water quality.


ECOLITE Water Purifier works with 4 filters to provide a comprehensive 7-stage water filtration.

Stage 1 - Sediment Stage:
Removes dirt, rust and suspended solids

Stage 2 - Ion Exchange Resin Stage:
Removes heavy metal (E.G. Copper, Lead and Cadmium). Additionally, it also softens the water

Stage 3 - Pre-Carbon Stage:
Removes any organic chemicals and compounds (E.G. Chlorine and Benzene)

Stage 4 - Nano Membrane Stage:
Filters out any bacteria or harmful microorganisms to pore size of 0.001 Micron

Stage 5 - Positive Charge Membrane Stage:
Removes norovirus present in water

Stage 6 - Post Carbon Stage:
Removing odour and taste in water

Stage 7 - Mineral Stage:
Adding minerals into the water that are needed by our body. The 4 major minerals that are added are Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium