JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer

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JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer is an eco-friendly and portable sterilizer that keeps your child's pacifier clean and free of germs.

This product works with a patented UV Sterilization (VioLEDS) to effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria and germs on pacifiers within 2 minutes.

Made In Korea

Color Pink

Time needed for Sterilzation (Per Session):

2 Minutes

Size / Dimensions:

80mm in Width, 80mm in Depth, 90mm in Height




DC 5V / 0.5A

Power Consumption:


Country of Origin:

Made in Korea

Every purchase of JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer comes with 1-year standard warranty coverage for manufacturing defects. This includes the breakdown of device and the malfunction of the UV LED.

The 1-year warranty does not cover any aesthetic damage to device (e.g. accidental drawing on product), damages due to misuse of device (e.g. heavy impact on device, self pouring of liquid into electrical component of devices), as well as the loss of parts or device.

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JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer - Eliminates Invisible Viruses

Eliminates 99.9% Invisible Bacteria & Viruses

JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that are not visible to the naked eyes using VioLEDS UV technology.

To use, simply open the product's lid, place the pacifier in and close its lid. The LED at the front should start blinking, indicating that sterilization process have began. Each sterilization session lasts for only 2 minutes. Once sterilization process is completed, the LED at the front will stop blinking.

The JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer ensures that your child gets a clean pacifier every single time.

Soft and Smooth Surface

JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer is made of soft silicone, which has a pleasant feel and conforms to the safety requirements of products for children.

This product does not emit any heat, smell, and noise when in use.

JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer - Soft and Smooth Surface
JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer - Portable Product Design

Portable Product Design

Lightweight, handy and compact, the JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer is suitable to be placed in your diaper bag and brought outdoors!

Upon a full charge, the JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer can be used approx. 100 times before requiring to be charged again. Hence, this product is also suitable to be used when overseas.

For ease of carrying around, we provide a minimal strap along with your purchase. This strap can easily attached to the product. Parents can simplying strap it on their stroller for greater convenience.

Product Efficiency tested at Accredited Laboratories in Singapore and Korea

To provide parents with a greater ease of mind, we have sent the JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer for a test of its efficiency with accredited laboratories in Singapore and Korea.

The results have proven that this product effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria and germs on pacifiers within 2 minutes.

Parents will also be able to use the JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer to sterilize bottle nipples, teethers and soothers.

JJOBI Pacifier Sterilizer - Product Efficiency tested at Accredited Laboratory