NOVA Water Purifier

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Elevate your daily hydration with NOVA Water Purifier. Enjoy instant access to hot, warm, or cold water at the push of a button. NOVA's user-centric features, including energy-saving mode, alkaline water option, and self-changing filters, simplify your daily water consumption. Stay refreshed effortlessly with the NOVA Water Purifier.

Each purchase of NOVA Water Purifier comes with:

- 1 Set of Filters (Total Capacity Of 4,800 Liters Of Water)
- 1 Year Standard Warranty
- Free Delivery and Installation Included

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User Manual:

NOVA Water Purifier


Size / Dimensions:

260mm in Width, 459mm in Depth, 496mm in Height




220 - 240V

Power Consumption:

430 – 510 W

Hot/Cold Tank Capacity:

For Cold Water: Approximately 3.0 Litres
For Hot Water: Approximately 1.4 Litres

Country of Origin:

Made in Korea

NOVA Water Purifier works with 3 filters to provide a comprehensive 7-stage water filtration.

Stage 1 - Sediment Stage:
Removes dirt, rust and suspended solids

Stage 2 - Ion Exchange Resin Stage:
Removes heavy metal (E.G. Copper, Lead and Cadmium). Additionally, it also softens the water

Stage 3 - Pre-Carbon Stage:
Removes any organic chemicals and compounds (E.G. Chlorine and Benzene)

Stage 4 - Nano Membrane Stage:
Filters out any bacteria or harmful microorganisms to pore size of 0.001 Micron

Stage 5 - Positive Charge Membrane Stage:
Removes norovirus present in water

Stage 6 - Post Carbon Stage:
Removing odour and taste in water

Stage 7 - Mineral Stage:
Adding minerals into the water that are needed by our body. The 4 major minerals that are added are Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium

Every NOVA Water Purifier purchase includes a 1-year standard warranty coverage and a 1-year filter supply. The standard warranty covers functional defects in parts like the circuit board, compressor, heater, potential leakages, and spare parts wear and tear.

For added peace of mind and savings, we recommend upgrading your warranty and filter packages to enhance your coverage.

Choose from our add-on options to your coverage of enhanced warranty (FuturCare) and filter. FuturCare provides an extended warranty period and includes a temporary replacement set during servicing. Additionally, FuturCare warranty holders can replace the flexible water tubing once a year at no charge, ensuring a consistently high level of system hygiene and delivering quality purified water to your family.

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NOVA Water Purifier with Three Temperature Options


The NOVA Water Purifier is designed with three temperature options: hot, warm, and cold. This selection ensures that you can enjoy your preferred water temperature with ease. The hot water option, complete with a safety lock button, allows you to have soothing hot beverages at your fingertips. Whether you're quenching your thirst with icy-cold refreshment or choosing a temperature in between, NOVA provides the flexibility you need for a truly effortless and safe hydration experience.


The NOVA Water Purifier has been designed with you in mind, offering a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Dispensing water at a fast flow rate is as easy as a gentle push on the magnetic pad. Just apply a light touch, and in an instant, watch as clean, filtered water gracefully and conveniently flows, ready for your immediate use.

This straightforward operation makes it accessible to everyone in your household or workplace.

NOVA Water Purifier with Push to Dispense Button for Simplicity Design
NOVA Water Purifier with 7-Stage Filtration with Twist and Turn Filter Changing Design


NOVA features an advanced 7-stage water filtration system that ensures your water is not only clean but also healthier and better-tasting. From removing sediment and heavy metals to eliminating harmful microorganisms and enhancing mineral content, each stage plays a vital role in delivering pure, fresh-tasting water.

With its convenient self-changing filter system, maintenance becomes a breeze with a simple twist and turn. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional filter replacements – NOVA takes care of it effortlessly.


The NOVA Water Purifier is your ideal solution, whether you're managing an office or big families. With the NOVA Water Purifier, there's no need to worry about constantly refilling. This purifier offers the capacity and reliability to meet your daily needs, day in and day out. Its advanced filtration system ensures it can handle heavy usage seamlessly, whether it's a typical workday at the office or a family gathering. What's more, its user-friendly design ensures straightforward usage that everyone, including the elderly, can easily grasp. You can trust the NOVA Water Purifier to provide a consistent supply of clean, refreshing water for all to enjoy.

NOVA Water Purifier Ideal for Office and Large Families