Star Water Purifier

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Hot & Cold Water Purifier

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A tankless water purifier that dispenses purified water of 5 different temperatures instantly. Designed to fit, built to last. STAR ensures every member of the family can benefit from high-quality water at the right temperature for their needs. Perfect for families that prioritises their well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Made in Korea.

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Size / Dimensions:

150mm in Width, 421mm in Depth (442mm with water tray), 406mm in Height




220-240V / 50Hz

Power Consumption:

Cold 0.5A / Hot 2800W

Hot/Cold Tank Capacity:


Country of Origin:

Made in Korea

STAR Water Purifier works with 3 filters to provide a comprehensive 8-stage water filtration.

Stage 1 - Sediment Stage:
Removes dirt, rust and suspended solids

Stage 2 - Ion Exchange Resin Stage:
Removes heavy metal (E.G. Copper, Lead and Cadmium). Additionally, it also softens the water

Stage 3 - Pre-Carbon Stage:
Removes any organic chemicals and compounds (E.G. Chlorine and Benzene)

Stage 4 - Nano Membrane Stage:
Filters out any bacteria or harmful microorganisms to pore size of 0.001 Micron

Stage 5 - Positive Charge Membrane Stage:
Removes norovirus present in water

Stage 6 - Cellulose Stage:
Produce fiber in water that assist in our digestive system

Stage 7 - Post Carbon Stage:
Removing odour and taste in water

Stage 8 - Mineral Stage:
Adding minerals into the water that are needed by our body. The 4 major minerals that are added are Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium

Every purchase of STAR Water Purifier comes with 1-year standard warranty coverage. We cover you for the functional defects of parts such as the circuit board, semiconductor, heater, potential leakages, machine’s touch panel, and any wear and tear of spare parts.

For greater peace of mind, we recommend our customers to add FuturCare along with their purchase of STAR Water Purifier.

FuturCare is an enhanced warranty coverage, which provides you with an extended warranty period of up to 3 years. With FuturCare, if your device is required to be sent to the servicing centre, we will provide you with a temporary replacement set ensuring no downtime for your usage. Once yearly, customers under the FuturCare warranty can opt to replace the flexible water tubing at no fee. This helps to uphold the hygiene level of the system, ensuring your family gets high quality purified water always.

1. How do we change the filters?

Filters can be self-changed, without the need to make an appointment for machine servicing.

2. How long does each set of filters last?

Each set of filters lasts for 6 months, or after 2,000 litres of water are dispensed, whichever comes first!

3. Does this product require a direct pipe in or refill tank type of dispenser?

This is a direct pipe in and tankless water purifier where we would require a connection to a water source.

4. What is required for the installation of this product?

We will need an electrical point, water point and water outlet. An electrical point needs to be within 1.5 meters range, whereas a water point and water outlet to be within 6 meters.

5. Can I understand the electricity consumption of the product?

Total consumption per month is estimated to be less than $1.

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STAR Water Purifier - Instantly dispenses 5 Different Temperatures

Instantly dispenses 5 Different Temperatures

Slim and Sleek, STAR Water Purifier instantly dispenses water at 5 different temperatures (5°C, 25°C, 45°C, 70°C, 87°C).

5°C - Perfect ice-cold water to beat the heat.
25°C - Room temperature water to quench your thirst.
45°C - Lukewarm water that’s ideal for formula milk.
70°C - Great for tea!
87°C - Hot water that's right for making coffee, milo and other hot beverages.

Slim Design

Measuring only 15CM in width, STAR Water Purifier has a compact design that can easily fit into most Singaporean home kitchens effortlessly. STAR is one of the slimmest water purifiers in the Singapore market.

STAR Water Purifier - Slim Design
STAR Water Purifier - Fast Water Flow Rate

Fast Water Flow Rate

STAR Water Purifier’s internal system is built with stainless steel flow path, hence providing good water pressure. This in turn ensures a faster water flow rate. Additionally, stainless steel is also resistant to rust and corrosion, STAR is built to last.

Duo Cleaning Capabilities for Greater Hygiene

STAR Water Purifier is equipped with VioLEDS UV Sterilization for the nozzle and internal system sterilization. VioLEDS is a patented high-performance UV sterilization technology covering UVA, UVB & UVC.

Additionally, STAR Water Purifier also conducts High-Speed Machine Flushing, flushing out mineral deposits built up within the internal tubing. This ensures that the flow path is clear, ensuring good water flow speed over time.

STAR Water Purifier - Duo Cleaning Capabilities for Greater Hygiene
STAR Water Purifier - 3 Different Quantity

3 Different Quantity

STAR Water Purifier can dispense 120ML, 230ML & 1200ML of water automatically. Need to step away but also need to get water? Simply select the amount of water you want at the temperature you need, and let STAR do the rest!