LUNA UV Air Purifier Top Cover

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Enhance your LUNA UV Air Purifier with the practical Top Cover — a simple accessory designed for protection, added utility, and a more user-friendly, functional experience. This sleek addition not only prevents accidental drops into the purifier but also transforms into a convenient surface space.

The thoughtfully designed cover ensures a nice aesthetic while allowing ample space for airflow, maintaining optimal performance for your air purifier.

Size / Dimensions:

310mm in Width, 280mm in Depth, 30mm in Height



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LUNA UV Air Purifier Top Cover, Seamless Installation and Kid-Friendly Design

Seamless Installation, Kid-Friendly Design

Discover the simplicity of installation—just effortlessly place it on. The thoughtful, kid-friendly design with curved edges prevents accidental drops into the fan grills, adding an extra layer of safety. Families with young kids or pets can now bid farewell to worries about small toys, trinkets, or bits of food reaching the air purifier’s internal components.

Maintaining peace of mind, the Top Cover complements the LUNA UV Air Purifier perfectly, preserving optimal functionality and allowing ample airflow. Elevate your experience with the LUNA UV Air Purifier Top Cover for simplicity, safety, and enhanced functionality.

Versatile Surface, Practical Convenience

With the Top Cover, your air purifier now doubles as a versatile surface. Simple and functional, it provides a space to put everyday items like magazines. Beyond a cover, it's a practical addition that enhances your air purifier experience.

LUNA UV Air Purifier Top Cover, Versatile Surface for Practical Convenience