Futur Living Aroma Diffuser


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Introducing our Waterless Heatless Aroma Diffuser, designed for effortless wellness. With a sleek design and wireless functionality, simply twist and attach to your preferred glass bottle, pour in your favorite essential oils, and enjoy pure scent diffusion in spaces up to 160 sqft.
Ideal for areas like your car, bathroom, or work desk.
Essential Oils

Size / Dimensions:

66mm in Width, 66mm in Depth, 145mm in Height




1.2W / 5V

Battery Type:


Charging Port:

USB Type C

Our aroma diffuser is backed by a warranty starting from the date of purchase, ensuring coverage for any electronic functional defects or failures. However, please note that our warranty does not extend to instances such as malfunctions resulting from oil leakage due to negligence, aesthetic scratches, alterations made to the product through disassembly or modification, or issues arising from the use of alternative essential oils, including fragrance oils, concentrates, burner oils, or massage oils.

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Futur Living Aroma Diffuser Atomization System


Enjoy a richer aromatic experience with our device's high-pressure atomization technology, which swiftly transforms essential oils into nano aromatic molecules. This advanced process ensures a wider and more profound diffusion of fragrance, enveloping your space in luxurious scents.


Transform any space into your personal oasis with our aroma diffuser's versatile working modes. From gentle, lingering aromas to powerful, immersive fragrances, our device allows you to adjust the intensity to match your preferences, ensuring a customized sensory experience tailored to your liking.

Futur Living Aroma Diffuser 3 Working Modes
Futur Living Aroma Diffuser 3 Timer Settings


Simplify your self-care routine with our diffuser's user-friendly timer settings. Choose from 1, 2, or 3-hour durations to effortlessly schedule your aromatherapy sessions, ensuring that refreshing fragrances accompany you throughout your day, seamlessly blending into your lifestyle.


Experience lasting satisfaction with our aroma diffuser's sturdy design. Crafted from aluminum alloy, it guarantees strength and resilience. With waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties, you can rely on its consistent performance, delivering aromatic enjoyment for years to come.

Futur Living Aroma Diffuser Durable and Sturdy
Futur Living Aroma Diffuser Steps for Usage


Enjoy the simplicity of our user-friendly design. From start to finish, it's a breeze to use. With a simple twist and turn, access the specialized glass bottle, pour in the provided essential oil, and let the comforting scents fill your space effortlessly.