NOVA Water Purifier Replacement Filter

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The NOVA Water Purifier utilizes a 7-stage water filtration system powered by three filters, ensuring comprehensive purification. To maintain peak performance, it's recommended to replace the filter after every 4,800 liters of water has been dispensed. This ensures that you continue to enjoy clean, great-tasting water that meets your daily hydration needs while efficiently removing impurities and contaminants.

*Please note to replace the filter as per the stipulated change cycle. When a filter is used longer than its intended lifespan, it can reduce and compromise the water quality.


NOVA Water Purifier works with 3 filters to provide a comprehensive 7-stage water filtration.

Stage 1 - Sediment Stage:
Removes dirt, rust and suspended solids

Stage 2 - Ion Exchange Resin Stage:
Removes heavy metal (E.G. Copper, Lead and Cadmium). Additionally, it also softens the water

Stage 3 - Pre-Carbon Stage:
Removes any organic chemicals and compounds (E.G. Chlorine and Benzene)

Stage 4 - Nano Membrane Stage:
Filters out any bacteria or harmful microorganisms to pore size of 0.001 Micron

Stage 5 - Positive Charge Membrane Stage:
Removes norovirus present in water

Stage 6 - Post Carbon Stage:
Removing odour and taste in water

Stage 7 - Mineral Stage:
Adding minerals into the water that are needed by our body. The 4 major minerals that are added are Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium