5 Tips When Choosing a Water Purifier for your New Home

Are you looking for a water purifier for your home or new BTO? With so many options and brands available, researching and discerning the difference can be time-consuming. In this guide, we'll simplify the process by sharing five tips to consider when picking a water purifier for you and your family.

Tip 1: Choosing the Right Technology: Semiconductor vs. Compressor

When it comes to water purifiers, you might come across industry terms like semiconductor and compressor, but don't let that confuse you. These technologies regulate the cooling mechanism of your purifier, directly affecting aspects such as electricity consumption and the physical dimensions of the unit.

Semiconductors are like the energy-savers – they use less electricity compared to compressors, which are older technology. Semiconductor-based purifiers feature a small chip embedded within the system, facilitating quick access to cold water. Moreover, this compact chip occupies less space compared to a compressor, which also contributes to its energy-efficient nature. This advantage enables the water purifier to sport a slim profile and a space-saving design, a perfect fit for the modern kitchen where space is at a premium.

Conversely, compressor-driven purifiers depend on a bulkier gas-filled container for their cooling mechanism, resulting in an overall larger size. While they provide slightly faster cooling capabilities, they tend to consume more electricity compared to their semiconductor counterparts. This attribute might pose a limitation, particularly in today's context where compact living spaces are the prevailing trend.

Our STAR+ Water Purifier stands out by utilizing semiconductor technology, ensuring efficient cooling, lower energy consumption, and a sleek design that complements today's compact kitchens. With its modern aesthetics available in three stylish colors, the STAR+ Water Purifier seamlessly blends into your kitchen decor.

Water Purifiers Choosing the Right Technology Semiconductor vs. Compressor

Tip 2: Knowing When to Change Your Water Filters

In the water purifier industry, as you explore options for your preferred purifier, you'll often encounter packages allowing you to choose the number of years of filters, such as 1-year filters designed to last for a year. However, it's important to note that these "1-year filters" are based on approximate usage. A household with five members might require a filter change earlier than a smaller family of two. Overusing a water filter can compromise water quality, posing health concerns. Many providers manually remind you to change filters annually, but this isn't personalized to your actual consumption.

Knowing When to Change Your Water Filters

This is where the STAR+ Water Purifier steps in with an innovative solution. It stands as the sole water purifier in the SG market that diligently tracks your filter usage based on actual consumption volume. It doesn't rely on generalized timelines. With a simple press of a button, you can instantly tell how many liters of water are left before the next filter change. This intelligent feature eliminates guesswork, ensuring you make the most of your filter according to your family's precise water usage.

Tip 3: How is the Flow Rate like?

When picking a water purifier, it's crucial to factor in how efficiently water is dispensed. This involves concentrating on three key aspects.

  • Assessing Speed: Take note of how quickly water flows when you press the dispense button. A faster flow rate ensures swift glass-filling without unnecessary waiting.
  • Temperature Transitions: Consider the transition time between different water temperatures. How seamlessly does the purifier switch from hot to cold to room temperature? This smooth transition guarantees a hassle-free experience of your desired water temperature.
  • Consistency Check: Evaluate the overall consistency of the water flow rate. Does water pour out smoothly and consistently?

Fast Water Flow Rate of STAR+ Water Purifier

By factoring in these flow rate aspects, you'll confidently choose a purifier that meets your needs and enhances your daily water dispensing experience.

Tip 4: Evaluating self-sterilization capabilities

When you're looking into water purifiers, it's important to evaluate their self-sterilization capabilities. This aspect plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and quality of the water you consume.

Different purifiers utilize various methods to guarantee the cleanliness of unit. One common approach is UV sterilization, which works like a powerful light to eliminate germs. However, here's the catch: some purifiers only apply UV light at the nozzle where the water is dispensed, but what about the components hidden within the machine?

Over time, these inner components can become a breeding ground for germs. Think about bacteria accumulating or even mold forming in these concealed areas. Opening up the machine for cleaning isn't a feasible option for most consumers. This is where internal UV sterilization becomes essential.

UV Sterilization Technology of STAR+ Water Purifier

The STAR+ Water Purifier addresses this concern by employing UV sterilization not only at the nozzle but also within the internal components of the water purifier where different wires and parts are situated. It's like giving those concealed parts a comprehensive clean as well. Additionally, the purifier features a high-speed machine flushing mechanism that effectively removes mineral deposits from the water pipes. This step ensures that water minerals are consistently flushed away, preventing accumulation over time that could lead to a decrease in water flow rate. All this meticulous attention to self-sterilization ensures that the water you drink is not only pure but also safe from any potential risks.

By considering how various purifiers handle self-sterilization, you can make a well-informed decision that places a premium on the health and safety of the water you and your family consume.

Tip 5: Understanding your Warranty Terms

When it comes to choosing a water purifier, don't forget to pay attention to the warranty terms. This step ensures that you're making a purchase with confidence, knowing that you're covered if anything goes wrong.

As you explore different purifiers, you'll likely encounter a range of warranty offers. Some might promise a lifetime warranty, while others may offer limited coverage. However, it's essential to go beyond the promises and understand the details.

Make sure to clarify questions like:

  • What exactly is covered: Does the warranty only cover certain parts or the entire purifier?
  • Duration: How long does the warranty last? Is it for a specific period or a lifetime warranty?
  • Exclusions: Are there any situations or conditions where the warranty wouldn't apply?
  • Service: How do you access the warranty service if needed? What's the process for repairs or replacements?

It's important to know that a warranty is your safety net. In case any unforeseen issues arise, having a comprehensive understanding of the warranty terms can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

When considering the STAR+ Water Purifier, you'll find clear and transparent warranty terms that protect your investment. It's all part of our commitment to ensuring your peace of mind and delivering a reliable and satisfying water purifier experience.

Selecting the right water purifier for your home is a decision that directly impacts the health and well-being of your family. With the above tips shared, you can make a decision that ensures clean, safe, and refreshing water for you and your loved ones.

Remember, your choice goes beyond the initial purchase – it's an investment in the health of your family and the quality of your daily life. So, take your time, weigh your options, and choose a water purifier that not only meets your requirements but also enhances your everyday hydration experience. Your journey to a healthier and more enjoyable water consumption begins with these five insightful tips.


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